Tanriver Mümessillik, Grows With Fairs

Tanriver is one of the leading Turkish brands in machinery and working with a professional team in hygiene barrier systems since 2001. It has growing market share by attending trade fairs related to its sector both domestically and world wild.


Bülent Tanriver, the Founder & General Manager of the company, stated that they produce quality products as he said: Step into hygiene with Tanrıver Mümessillik and meet our innovative, young and dynamic team. Our company always develops new and quality products, widespread service support and projecting service offers solutions to your business. It is our passion to produce timely deliveries and quality hygiene equipment to dynamic enterprises. Off course, we call hygiene for production, not for inspection.

Our company exports to 40 countries, and currently have more than 1500 active hygiene barrier world wild.


He added: The importance of personnel hygiene in the food sector is indisputable. For this reason, we are establishing the hygienic transition areas by producing optimum solutions according to the most favorable conditions and entry points in the company. The most important element in Tanriver Mümessillik is the high quality, then the most appropriate price, fast delivery, easy installation, service and spare parts guarantee respectively.


With its mission and vision, Tanriver Mümessillik looks after its customers and the future with confidence. The company is proud of its conscious service.