Rosen Industrial Exports to 75 Countries

Turkey’s domestic commodity producer, Izmir-based Rosen Industrial Refrigeration accompanied by a professional team of experts in the field of refrigeration and giving customers the best service since 2006.

Rosen Industrial has obtained the certificate of utility with “Ice Machines” and “Water Cooling Systems”. All products being offered also have CE certificate of conformity.

While the company is manufacturing with ISO 9001 quality management certificate, they are also proudly introducing TAMUTOM brand to 75 countries by making innovative products for the developing markets with providing quality products and services.

Rosen Industry has become, has obtained the right of reference, proved itself in containerized ice machines and ice water units, concrete cooling systems and has become one of the indispensable companies of the sector.

As refrigeration equipment for bakery products, fisheries sector and construction sector; block ice, flake ice, tube ice, cube ice machines including cooling systems manufacturing with great care has been given by the company with the name of this issue.

Today, Rosen Industry introduces domestic production abroad and has reduced its dependence on foreign markets with its strong structure, and takes its place in the preliminary stages of production of beneficial products.