PDM Machine, Working with the Best Firms in Milk Industry

FOOD MACHINE: PDM Packaging and Filling Machinery Company how was founded and when?

Yunus KARABAY: PDM Packaging and Filling Machinery Co. Founded by three partner who are Yunus Karabay, Yaşar Albayrak and Hasan Yıldırım at Ostim Industry area Ankara as small company at 2010. Despite the competition in the market, PDM proved itself to famous brand in dairy company such as Sek, Sakipaga, Yorsan, Kaanlar etc. and took the strong position in a short time.


FOOD MACHINE: Could you please share with us about the sectors that your company addresses to and process of the creating Projects, producing machines and assembling these machines?

Yunus KARABAY: Althought the our company addresses to many sectors, we are as PDM mainly produces for food sectory. We are manufacture according to custom design based on their request. (such as capacity, product, diameter)


FOOD MACHINE: Could you please tell us about your new factory and new R&D Projects?

Yunus KARABAY: Since we moved new factory, our production area is expanded considerably. Due to large area, it is possible to make more machines at the same time. Our R & D activities are carried out to increase the capacity and consequently to increase productivity and to take up less space for the area.


FOOD MACHINE: Can you mention about capacity and quality?

Yunus KARABAY: We are using AISI 304 and 316 quality stainless steel and materials which are proved theirself to food codex for our machines. We supply our electrical and pneumatic materials from Germany, which has proven itself in the field of industry. Customers who supply their machines from us are always on our side knowing that we are behind our machines.


FOOD MACHINE: What are your future Projects?

Yunus KARABAY: Export network point of view in many developing our machines as well as our goal of becoming one of our biggest machine as PDM will make us proud to represent Turkey in different countries greatly.


FOOD MACHINE: You are addressing the food industry, which is a sensitive area. Is there something you are particularly interested in?

Yunus KARABAY: Hygiene is the first concern in this sector. The durability of the material used and its suitability for food are the two most important criteria. In this regard, we are making some additions to the units in order to increase the sterilization rate.

FOOD MACHINE: Which countries do you export to?

Yunus KARABAY: England, Netherlands, Greece, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Jordan and more recently Kuwait.

FOOD MACHINE: Do you benefit from some public institutions, development agencies, institutions such as KOSGEB, to encourage and support the private sector?

Yunus KARABAY: No, we don’t take any support.


FOOD MACHINE: Do you have any raw material problems? What are the problems in this regard?

Yunus KARABAY: We do not have any problems on this issue.


FOOD MACHINE: How was the year 2018 for your company? What are your expectations from 2019?

Yunus KARABAY: Although 2018 has been fluctuating due to the economic woes, our goal for 2019 is to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to see our products at more points.