Öndermak Dough Processing Equipment & Ovens from Eskişehir-Turkey

Öndermak Dough Processing Equipment & Ovens from Eskişehir-Turkey; Mrs. Dilek Kurt Gunay in charge of the second generation family company owner, producing the robotic bread loading – unloading technologies for the European markets.


ONDERMAK Industrial Automation Machinery; Turkey’s leader and the pioneer company has been manufacturing the dough processing equipment with technology at highest quality, the most efficient and compromising products since 1976, in the factory located in Eskisehir Turkey.

The company offers reliable, comprehensive and turnkey solutions, also services in all areas to the artisan bakeries and also industrial-sized bakeries. Thanks to the deep experience in “dough forming know how” for over 43 years, the brand keeps on becoming unique and indisputably reference point among the leading manufacturers in the local and global bakery sector without compromising their quality, service and responsibility.

Today the company keeps on manufacturing dough processing equipment like long moulders, conical rounder, proofers, dividers and the custom made solutions while focusing on the R&D with the ultimate production lines at their factory of 3000 m2 area, in Eskisehir industrial zone.

As the second generation representative Mrs. Dilek Kurt Gunay, the daughter of Mr. Yuksek Kurt (the company founder), she reflects all her obtained experiences about the global marketing and sale on the European markets. The company which is known as one of the first robotic loading system manufacturers in Turkey enters into the strong cooperation with some leader oven manufacturers from Europe especially for the European bakers, in sense of the robotic systems that are complementary unit for the ovens. Mrs. Dilek Kurt Gunay states “they continue to make new investments for the production of the high valued machines in order to contribute to the national economy engines, by highlighting the vital importance of being global player…”  And, “Our sensitivity for the quality of the material and components used for each machine, the constant passion for the best manufacturing philosophy, the aiming to become a reliable solution partner to the customer’s expects; this all has been our secret momentum of Ondermak’s long standing success. Thus; we are planning to step further this achievement story to the near future by producing the new ultimate machines, extending our product diversity, attending to the fairs and doing business with new dealers at the both European and global markets.

The partnership with Italian Tagliavini brand with the new generation ovens

One of the leader oven manufacturers company Tagliavini from Italy, and cooperation with Ondermak Mrs. Gunay has pointed out “we realize the importance of energy consumption and costs which have affected directly to our bakers, and forced them so much. Because of this, we have been good will collaboration with Tagliavini in recent months.  Their ovens offer the high performance, the best steam feeding and homogenous baking while decreasing incredibly low cost energy consumption in gas or electricity. Especially in European and American market, instead of the steam tube ovens the electric deck ovens become more trendy day by day. That’s why, we believe that this trend will be very popular in our local market as well due to the simplicity in use, and quite considerable energy saving”