Intermak Produces Food and Confectionery Processing Equipment

With its wide range product, Intermak offers complete solutions to the its clients, and has been operating in milk and food sector for 29 years. The company carries out production activities with the brands Milkol, İntem and Provita in three main groups as machinery, additives and hygiene products.

INTERMAK‘s general manager Hüsamettin SÖNMEZ said: ‘’ we have been producing machine and equipment mainly for dairy sector for years. In recent years, we have also started to produce various process machine and equipments for the confectionery sector.  Besides, we produce Invert sugar, jam preparation, cooking, caramel, hard candy, filling machines and tanks.

‘’Under the MILKOL Brand we are producing milk processing lines with cooling, storage and process tanks, pasteurizers, all kinds of cheese, yoghurt, fermented products and processing lines. We ensure the project design, produce the machines, ensure the assembling and commissioning and deliver as Turn-key plants both in Turkey and abroad.
We are producing various equipments for the chemicals, cosmetic and beverage and for the confectionery sector’’ Hüsamettin SÖNMEZ said.

Under INTEM brand we produce also hygiene products. Our hygiene products are for industrial CIP cleaning, milking systems and cooling tanks cleaning purpose. We produce high quality hand disinfectants.

The production of Wide range of hygienic turnstiles and barriers needed by the Food industries is also keeping on going’’ Hüsamettin Sönmez said.