Detay Machinery, Continues to Promise Its Name in Seaming Machines

We talked with Yüksel KOCABAŞ, the general manager of Detay Machinery, who has been successful in the sector for the packaging machines.


FOOD MACHİNE: When and how was founded Detay Machinery?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: Detay Machinery was established in 2005 for the purpose of producing spare parts for canning machines and canning machines.


FOOD MACHİNE: Can you tell us about the sectors that your company interest and the process of creating projects, producing machines and assembling these machines in these sectors?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: In addition to all kinds of food industry, cosmetics, agriculture, we appeal to all sectors of the agricultural products used and cans. Depending on the production processes of the enterprises in the past years only on the box capping machine, the last few years until the processed products are filled and packed in the boxes to produce the appropriate production. After completing the assembly of the machines to the companies and completing the assembly together with the DetayvMachinery team, the necessary training is provided to the operators by the Detay Machinery team.


FOOD MACHİNE: Could you please tell us about your new powder filling machine?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: We added filling machines, labeling machines, weight control machines and box sterilization machines to our product range in line with customer demands. Not only powder filling, but also granular filling machines and liquid filling machines are currently in our portfolio. I can say that the powder filling machine is more popular with the coffee into the can recently.


FOOD MACHİNE: Can you talk a little about your production capacity and quality?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: Production capacity varies depending on the order, so some of our machines are available in stock but as we have mentioned before, we have developed a project according to the customer’s process and this issue has changed according to the order. Our goal is to produce stable machines with the motto i ‘The quality of the first product and the quality of the one millionth product’.


FOOD MACHİNE: Where are you and what countries do you export to domestic and international markets?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: Thanks to the positive references we receive, we are expanding our market in Turkey, especially in the Middle East and Gulf countries, and we contribute to our country’s exports.


FOOD MACHİNE: You are addressing the food industry, which is a sensitive area. Is there something you are particularly interested in?

Yüksel KOCABAŞ: First of all, as a company that is aware of the fact that a disruption that may occur during production is a subject that can directly affect human health, we apply the necessary tests in the production tolerance stage within the small tolerance range. In addition, our primary goal in the machines we produce is to provide the occupational safety of the operators who will use the machine at a high level.